Monday, 2 October 2017

Day 3: Wonders of Vegemite - Andrew McGregor

Today was my teaching day! Nerves were high, as I anticipated what was going to happen. The nerves were settled when we walked through the front gate and about 20 Japanese students were calling out ‘hello’ from the first floor windows. 

A welcome sign for the teachers given by Midorimachi Elementary School

We changed out of our shoes into slippers and met the faculty. We were shown through the Midorimachi Elementary School, and met most year levels of students. The students were just as excited to see us as we were to see them. We witnessed a Year 5 science lesson, it was amazing to see the excitement and dedication both students and teachers had for their learning, and even better to see student voice used to guide the lesson!

the shoe rack where we put our shoes at

Then it was my turn! I expected the Japanese schools to use more ICT, but my little Yahl School would have remarkably better equipment. We made circuits, then tested if paper clips or clip on koalas 

conducted electricity. The we bought out the big guns, and tested if vegemite or wasabi conduct! I think the students really enjoyed the lesson, even more so when I told them to keep the koalas. I think I skipped about 20% of my lesson plan, to fit in with time and language issues. Even with this though the students told me they had fun and enjoyed it.

Highlights of my ASTA/ Latitude Group Travel Science Teachers Exchange - Japan trip today include: 

- all year 5 & 6 students giving us a rock star welcome to their assembly
- eating lunch with a class, and spending way more time talking than eating
- the guard of honour when we left when students gave us high 5’s then ran ahead of us to do it again
- watching a lesson taught by Sandra Davey that I will be stealing and doing with my class

This has been the best teaching moment of my career!
After the day at the school, we went to the Museum, and had a great time there as well!

Great tea to finish, now I’m ready for bed!

See you tomorrow and keep an eye on this blog, facebook and twitter (use #ASTAJapan) to follow our journey! 

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