Thursday, 1 October 2015

Day 5: Robot Cabaret - by Sharra Martin

Our plans were disrupted this afternoon by a typhoon which meant we couldn’t go up the Tokyo Sky Tree as planned. We decided to replace that activity with some ‘professional learning’ at a robot cabaret we had heard rumours of. We figured this fitted in well with the science week theme for next year.  

The robot cabaret is a Japanese cabaret show at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo’s Kabukicho red-light district. The one hour show features fun – and sometimes campy – performances full of flashing lights, taiko drums and techno music.
Robots on stage at the Robot Cabaret
After checking in and selecting a drink, we waited in the lounge until we were escorted to our seats for the evening's entertainment.

We watched in amazement as neon tanks came onstage to battle alongside Godzilla, robots, samurais and ninjas. Dancing girls in colourful outfits joined dinosaurs and pandas on stage against a backdrop of video screens. Flashing lights, accompanied by taiko drums and loud techno-style music, illuminated the performance of massive female robots – truly a spectacle that will stay with me for years to come!
Actors on stage with taiko drums that made for a colourful light display
Mothra attacking King Kong

This was a fantastic end to another amazing day and I can’t imagine how anyone could not enjoy themselves at this venue.

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  1. It is a really impressive display of lights and sound, in such a compact venue so you are really close to the robots and dancers. :) Great choice of activity seeing the sky tree was not available.