Sunday, 21 September 2014

Welcome Gary and Leah

Gary Tilley and Leah Taylor are two of the inspirational Australian Teachers that will be travelling to Tokyo as part of the 2014 ASTA Science Teachers Exchange - Japan.

Gary is a Primary School teacher with over 30 years’ experience in public education. He is passionate about teaching and communicating science and has been instrumental in initiating a community wide movement to bring “real” science into schools by turning Seaforth Public School into a Natural History Museum. The school houses its own Space Gallery, Dinosaur and Marine Reptile Gallery, an Earth Sciences Gallery and a new Marine Sciences Gallery. The students, their families, the school and the broader community, as well as educational and scientific organisations, have embraced the notion of immersing the children in a world of science within the school.

Leah works as a coordinator and teacher at St Anthony’s Parish Primary School, teaching Year 1. She is responsible for assessment, numeracy and science at her school. Leah is President Elect for the Science Teachers Association of the Australian Capital Territory, and supports teachers across New South Wales and Canberra, providing professional learning for individual schools and whole school systems. She is a member of a number of steering and reference committees addressing the teaching of science and the provision of professional learning for teachers, especially Primary School teachers.

We are pleased to have Gary and Leah along for the 2014 ASTA Science Teachers Exchange - Japan.


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